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Four polaroid photos, Joy with a dog on a boat in The Netherlands, Joy with Abdullah learning to surf-skate in Morocco, Joy doing yoga in Taghazout, Joy with a backpack in a metro station in Paris

I am so happy that you made it here

You are now officially part of the enJoy Life community!

My vision is to inspire people who aspire to use less, learn more, live longer, travel deep and enJoy life, by default.

I will be sharing stories of my adventures, along with hints and tips that I discover along the way. Each story is also a conversation starter and hopefully a trigger for action.

I encourage you to share how your adventures, values and choices align with or enhance the topic of each story in the comments section.

By sharing experiences there is a greater chance we can help inspire others to make enjoyable choices.

xo Joy

Hand-drawn earth showing Australia and Asia with a large footprint. Low Impact. Consume. Create.
Steampunk style cogs. Learning. Skills. Knowledge.
Hand-drawn image of a pocket watch face. Longevity. Health. Vitality.
Hand-drawn lotus flower from above. Lifestyle. Culture. Behaviour.

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Here are a few recent stories to get you started

A new adventure begins…

A new adventure begins…

A new adventure begins...Join me as I set off on a new adventure, my first solo trip in four years! The four weeks I had in Australia felt a bit hectic. There were so many things on my list, that there was no chance they would all get done. The most important one did...

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Some of the links on this site will take you through to a page with the option to book an experience or buy an item, others may be to another story or general information.

If you do decide to make a purchase at the other end of a link, I may possibly receive a small payment from the company you buy from.

Please do not feel obliged to buy things...always consider if you might be able to borrow it from a friend, or perhaps repurpose something you already own to achieve a similar result.

To date, I have not been paid to write any reviews about places or products, so anything I have mentioned is because I decided to use it.

This might change in the future (I hope one day some places in locations I have yet to explore present me with an opportunity!), however, my comments will always reflect my honest opinion of my experience.

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