Preparing for our first digital nomad experience

Preparing for our first digital nomad experience. Passports, compass and map.
It is May 2022 and in 30 days, David and I will depart our home to embark on our first long-term (for us) digital nomad experience. This time, we are heading northwest to Europe and Morocco.

We have been dreaming, planning, and preparing for this next stage in our story for a while. So, for it to now be so close, it is starting to feel very exciting.

Part of my intention for this journey is to learn what it takes to travel for extended periods while being conscious of my inputs and outputs regarding the environment, community, and myself.

What do I hope to learn as a digital nomad?

  • How can I reduce my impact on the environment while travelling and living away from my own home?
  • What can I learn, intentionally and incidentally, and how can I share that knowledge?
  • How can I maintain and improve activities that promote my longevity and vitality?
  • What am I observing about the different lifestyles of the people I meet, either other digital nomads or those who have always lived in the place I am in, and which parts of those do I want to adopt and incorporate into my own life?
A camera lens and a travel journal

As I have been sharing the details of our plans with family and friends, many have asked questions and wanted more specific answers than I expected.

Their curiosity, I have discovered, stems from their dreams of living a similar lifestyle. One of adventure and exploration of other places, cultures, and parts of themselves they haven’t yet encountered.

Why start a blog about our digital nomad experience?

While there is a plethora of information online, finding the articles that feel like they suit you and your situation can be challenging. So, I feel that sharing what I learn as I go may be of benefit to others in a similar situation to us.

I will not promise (or threaten) to write every day. I make no guarantees that anything that I write about will be the best option for anyone else, and I am sure in some situations it will not even be the best option for us.

It will however be an honest account of what I think, have done, intend to do or have witnessed. There may also be occasions where I share what someone else has already taken the time to write about if I feel that they have said it in a way that I agree with.

Joy Taylor and David Masefield standing at the lookout in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia. A view of the rocky cliff, mountain range and a lake on a cool and cloudy day in March 2022.

Who are we and how can we be digital nomads?

In case you are reading this and do not already know David and me (well done on getting this far!), I’ll share a very brief intro in an effort to help you decide whether it is worth your time following our journey.

Introducing David

David is in his mid 50’s and owns & runs an e-commerce business, that sells products for steel buildings all across Australia. He has two staff that help him with the business. David enjoys running, rockets and singing karaoke, and is interested in learning to surf and take photos of the night sky.

Introducing Joy

I am Joy. I’m in my late 40s and work as a software developer for Digital Makers and manage a coworking space, Canvas Coworking. I’m part of a small team of developers and have one staff member plus a few volunteers at the coworking space. I enjoy yoga, hiking and playing golf, and am looking forward to learning to write a blog.

Together, we have four young adult children spread across Australia. A Maltese-pomeranian and a vegetable garden at our home in Toowoomba, and our parents are all slightly anxious but supportive of our plans to be digital nomads.

If you like the sound of what we are doing, say hello in the comments section below, and feel free to browse around the site. There is not much to see yet, so I suggest you follow us on social media and/or sign up for our newsletter so you know when there is something more to enjoy here.

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Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor

Joy has been working her way around the world with her kids, solo and with her partner for over 20 years. Her motto is ‘travel cheap, travel deep’. She built a green house and tries to live a green life. 35/196


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