A new adventure begins…

Join me as I set off on a new adventure, my first solo trip in four years!

View of Singapore at night from an aeroplane, with the ferris wheel in the centre and cargo ships in the foreground.

The four weeks I had in Australia felt a bit hectic. There were so many things on my list, that there was no chance they would all get done.

The most important one did though…spending time with my family.

Airlines wait for no-one though, so when Friday afternoon rolled around, and Oliver took me to the airport, I had to tell myself the time had been enough.

While sitting at the departure gate, I had a call with an upcoming housesit host, She asked if I was excited.

I had to think about it…my brain had not yet realised that my next adventure had begun.

What type of adventure?

Depending on how I look at it, this adventure could be defined in a few different ways.

First, I am on my way to Laos. I have not been there before, so that is always exciting.

My previous adventures in Southeast Asia have taken me to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Next, I am going trekking through the mountains in the north of the country and will be staying in Khmer village homestays.

Homestays are one of my favourite ways to experience a country, so I am really looking forward to this part.

A camera lens and a travel journal

A new journal ready to fill with memories.

The trek has been organised by a group called Camino Women. I read the itinerary before I booked, but have not thoroughly researched the area.

I’ve not done an all-women trek before, and I do not know any of the other ladies who are going. I had to be interviewed before booking, so I am hopeful for a good group.

Next, this flight out of Australia is one way. That is not unusual; however, this time, I have no return ticket from anywhere , nor any planned timeframe for coming back.

It will not be for at least a year, as we have housesits and activities planned through Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom until the end of September 2024, and some ideas for after then as well.

A map of the world with pins showing the locations we are travelling to over the next year 2023 into 2024

Finally, David is off on his own adventure for the next couple of months.

He will visit more of his family and friends in South Australia before catching up with me in the Philippines in 2024.

Even though I used to travel on my own regularly, I have not for a while.

Travelling as a couple is great, though I worry that it has made me a bit complacent and perhaps even a little reliant on someone else.

I am not afraid. I am excited to be in a position where I get to prove to myself that I can confidently travel solo.

Starting with a stop in Singapore 

There are a few ways to get to Laos from Australia. I opted to fly from Melbourne to Vientiane via Singapore with Scoot.

Choosing the overnight flight meant having a lengthy layover here in Singapore, but it works better for me to be able to keep my usual sleep schedule.

I cannot report on the flight, food or service. Boarding was delayed an hour due to the late arrival of the plane, so I was asleep before we were pushed back and only woke up when we were asked to prepare to land. I guess it was a smooth flight.


The above graphic is linked to the Viator website. I may receive a small commission if you click through and book a tour. This does not impact the cost of your tour.

I will be back in Singapore for a few weeks after Laos, and have been a few times before, so I did not feel compelled to venture into the city for the morning.

Arriving at Changi Airport at 2 am means it is fairly quiet, but even still it has plenty to keep me occupied for 10 hours.

A view of Singapore at night from an aeroplane
A book called The Roads to Sata by Alan Booth and a Starbucks yoghurt with granola, on a Starbucks napkin
The butterfly pavilion in Changi Airport, Singapore
Two black and blue butterflies eating pineapple

Browsing turned to buying in one of the many bookstores.

Starbucks is open 24/7 so a yoghurt with granola was easily acquired for an early breakfast.

Deciding not to pre-book an airport hotel room was a conscious decision. Feeling a bit tired though, I went and checked, they were full, so I had a nap on the floor for a couple of hours.

Walking from Terminal 1 Corridor D to the far end of Terminal 3 and back again meant I easily got my steps in for the day.

My walk also took me through the butterfly house and outside into the garden, where I was obvious that I was definitely in Asia (hot and humid).

A cinema screen showing the movie, Luca.
The outdoor walkway at Changi Airport and a Scoot aeroplane in the distance
A green plate with chicke pad thai on it
A large departure board in Changi Airport

Finding the free movie theatre was a nice bonus. I arrived just in time to watch Luca, and left just as The Matrix was getting to the good bit (you know, when Keanu appears).

I found a good freshly cooked noodle bar for lunch, before heading to the boarding gate in good time for the next leg of my journey.

I’m about to board, so will leave you here…see you in Vientiane!

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Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor

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