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Adventure Keys friends on the way to surf at Imsouane, Morocco. Captured by Coach Gouglou from WeSurfSkate

Lifestyle: the way in which a person lives

Growing up in Australia, the ‘lucky country’, my lifestyle involved family, school, friends, sport and holidays. It was very safe, very comfortable and I was able to do whatever I wanted with most of my time.

As a child, I dreamed of travelling as soon as I finished school. I wanted to backpack around the world. What I did not do at that time, was make a plan or make choices that would see those dreams become reality. 

Instead, I made the choice to get a job, get married and have children while I was in my early twenties. As it turned out, I married a man that was not interested in travelling.

By my late twenties, I had learned to make a plan and had found the courage to make the choice to live the life that I wanted. That included travelling overseas, which, when you live in Australia, is required if you want to travel to any other country in the world.

At that time, I was on my own with two small children. I wanted them to see, feel, smell, taste and touch the world. I also wanted that for myself. So, that is what we did, and continued to do.

You must make a choice

to take a chance

or your life will never change.

– Zig Ziglar

Fast forward twenty years, and I have made the choice to travel to a few dozen countries. Some with my children, some on my own. Many with a man that loves me and my kids, and also, loves to travel!

The stories that you will find in this ‘Lifestyle’ section will not only be about travelling. They will also be about the way we choose to live. 

David and I are living a ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle. That means that we travel when we want, wherever we want, for as long as we want. We can do that because we continue to work whether we are living at home or elsewhere in the world.

This lifestyle gives us the opportunity to experience life in many different ways. We see how other people live. Learn parts that are an improvement on our existing choices. Adopt those to make our lives better.

With time, you will find new stories here about communities and cultures. Be introduced to digital nomads and new destinations. Find out about coworking and working remotely. Our experience coliving, housesitting and pet-sitting. Various adventures we embark on. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when there is a new story to read.

I hope when you read them, they inspire you to make a plan and find the courage to choose to enjoy life.

xo Joy

Latest Stories

How to enjoy a day at Niagara Falls

How to enjoy a day at Niagara Falls is based on my experience of doing just so. Which was a pleasant surprise for someone who tries to avoid touristy places.

Favourite Lifestyle Topics

Adventures & Destinations by enjoylifeadventures. Joy on a camel in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Joy with a backpack on waiting for the metro at Bir-Hakeim station in Paris. Joy with a bicycle in front of a windmill in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. Joy with hiking poles in the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.

Adventures & Destinations

We love to explore new places, so we’ll share the details with you in case you are planning a trip, as well as tell stories about our adventures for when you need a bit of inspiration or an armchair vacation.

Housesitting & Pet-sitting on A pig in a kids play pool in Hungary. A gecko sitting on a hand. A cocker spaniel dog in front of a windmill at Kinderdijk in The Netherlands. A cat sitting on a window sill in Paris.

Housesitting & Pet-sitting

Part of our strategy to live like a local is to live in a real home. We also get to have fur baby cuddles, meet scaly friends, encounter the wildlife and spend some time in the garden too.

Coworking & Coliving on David Masefield and Joy Taylor holding up an instagram frame celebrating Canvas Coworking's 6th birthday. A group of people standing together in the long green grass of the back garden of Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria. A long table of people from all around the world sharing a meal at AdventureKeys Surf & Yoga Coworking & Coliving space in Taghazout, Morocco. Beanplaces cafe coworkers at The Finch Cafe in Toowoomba, Australia.

Coworking & Coliving

After starting and running our own coworking space for seven years, we know the value of surrounding ourselves with like-minded people to stay focused on getting tasks done, plus have lots of fun.

Communities & Cultures on A young Australian girl playing a throwing game with a young ni Vanuatu boy. An elderly Goan man playing the guitar on the verandah of a home in Goa, India. An elderley Balinese man sitting in prayer position at a temple in Bali, Indonesia. A group of dancers dressed in traditional outfits from various regions, ready to perform at a community center in Budakalasz, Hungary.

Communities & Cultures

From our family to the ones we are fortunate to meet on our adventures, experiencing the pleasure of being with people, hearing their stories and discovering what they love about their life.

Digital nomad and remote work lifestyle

Digital nomad & remote work

Changing careers as a middle aged woman, into a career in tech has enabled me to pursue a lifestyle that gives me the freedom to roam and the opportunity to learn every day.

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