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Joy and friends preparing a meal together at Spirit House, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Captured by David Masefield

What we learn with joy we never forget

Do you believe you learn something new every day? I do. 

Whether we recognise it or not, there are dozens of moments in a day that present the opportunity to learn incidentally. 

It could be simple, such as discovering how a friend prefers the milk poured into their coffee before the water or that a neighbour is going on vacation and having someone come to collect their mail each day.

While it may not seem like learning, it meets the definition: Learning is a lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

Learning is a lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, and behaviours. On the other hand, education is just one approach to learning.

Learn to ask why and then how

If we want to learn intentionally though, we need to seek the opportunity. 

I find it helpful to pause at this point and consider why I want to learn that particular thing. When I skip that step, I find I generally do not follow through, sometimes at the expense of money or time.

Once I have considered why I want to learn something new, the next question is how. 

For me, if what I want to learn is a skill, then I much prefer to learn by doing. That is not always possible though, so my next preference is visual instruction, in-person, a video or even photos.

When it comes to a process though, I love a good flowchart. Being able to see the path that the user or data will take from the start to the end helps me to build a story in my mind that I can walk through as I work through it.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

– Pablo Picasso

Learning to reset the default

Often, what I need to do is not learn another new skill or process, but rather, learn how to remember to use the skill or knowledge that I already have at the time it would be beneficial. 

The process of learning new behaviours is different from learning how. It is learning to act in the moment. Learning to identify triggers. 

To be able to learn a new behaviour, or develop a consistent, long-lasting habit is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for humans. It often requires us to unlearn the old way, so we can make space for the new.

The goal is to learn to make the desired action subconsciously, to reset ourdefault.

These stories of adventures of learning new skills, knowledge and behaviours will hopefully inspire you to seek opportunities to learn something new, and encourage you to know the purpose, feel the pleasure and find the patience to follow through.

xo Joy

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Favourite Learning Topics

Cover of the book 'Brave, not perfect' by Reshma Saujani. Painting of lillies by Claude Monet in Paris, France. The colosseum in Rome, Italy. Joy at the Climate Reality Project - Leadership training in Brisbane, Australia. Acquiring knowledge to know. enjoylifeadventures.com


From reading books, talking to people, listening to podcasts, watching films, wandering museums and browsing galleries, these stories are sharing how I learn, to know.

Joy with a blue surfboard beside a taxi in Taghazout, Morocco. A lamb tagine ready to be cooked in Morocco. A water colour painging of a couple sitting on the beach under a blue umbrella with a white dog. Joy holding a surfskate board with Coach Gouglou from WeSurfSkate, Taghazout Bay, Morocco. Developing skills to do. enjoylifeadventures.com


Travelling the world presents so many opportunities to learn new skills. I assure you that I am not a natural at everything, and these stories share the highs and lows of how I learn, to do.

Joy with a laptop in her hands and monitor on the desk on her last day coworking at AdventureKeys Surf & Yoga coworking and coliving, Taghazout, Morocco. Joy and a friend at the finish of the 10km fun run, Toowoomba, Australia. Joy on her bicycle with a backpack on in Toowoomba, Australia. Joy practicing yoga on the rooftop terrace at AdventureKeys Surf & Yoga, Taghazout, Morocco. Changing habits to be. enjoylifeadventures.com


Making my bed every morning changed my mindset about what I can do in a day. These stories are about what, why and how I am actively changing my habits, to be.

Pink cupcakes with pink icing for Blush Cancer Care fundraiser. Bankso Nomad Fest sling chair and a yoga mat in Bansko, Bulgaria. Joy and friends at Startup Weekend Women in Tirana, Albania. A young girl soldering a spacegirl badge with led lights at CoderDojo Toowoomba, Australia. Finding opportunities to help. enjoylifeadventures.com


Years of working with entrepreneurs and founders have highlighted just how many problems are unsolved. These stories are about learning where opportunities exist, to help.

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Modern cameras make it so easy to capture memories and share moments. You do not need to be a movie star to star in your own movies.

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