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Costa Rica


Pronounced ‘Haco’ because J’s are H’s in Spanish! 

We stayed at the Selina – coliving, coworking and surf resort right on the beach, for 5 days before we left Costa Rica to return to Australia in October 2023.

San Isidro de Grecia

You probably will not find San Isidro listed on any tourist destination lists, however, we stayed here for about 5 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Located on one of the five ridges of Poas Volcano, the area has some jungle remaining higher up the ridge, with most of the lower area converted to coffee plantations.

We were house-sitting, and were fortunate to be introduced to many new friends by our host



Highlights from our first time living in a coliving space. We spent a month learning to surf, practicing yoga, coworking and best of all, meeting truly lovely people from all over the world.

Taghazout to Toowoomba

Two days of travelling

A reality of travelling away, is travelling back. To get from Taghazout, Morocco home to Toowoomba, Australia we took a taxi to Agadir, flight to Paris Orly, two trains to Paris CDG, flight to Muscat, flight to Kuala Lumpur, flight to Brisbane, bus to Toowoomba, then Dad picked us up for the drive to home…48 hours door-to-door!

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