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Hello, and Welcome!

When I started this website, I thought it would be a place to share stories and information, to inspire others to use less, learn more, live longer and enjoy life, by default.

The plan was to have structure, and SEO and affiliate links…all those things that make a website useful and viable.

It turns out, that none of that made me enJoy Life…so, I stopped writing all together.

Now, it will be a place where I will capture little stories about what I am up to. They may not be well written, and will almost certainly lack structure…but, they will give me something to look at when I cannot travel the world anymore. 

In the meantime, they will hopefully bring some joy (pun intended) to those who read them, or just look at the pictures. 



Where in the world is Joy?

Turriff, Scotland

Adventures & Destinations by enjoylifeadventures. Joy on a camel in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Joy with a backpack on waiting for the metro at Bir-Hakeim station in Paris. Joy with a bicycle in front of a windmill in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. Joy with hiking poles in the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.
Housesitting & Pet-sitting on A pig in a kids play pool in Hungary. A gecko sitting on a hand. A cocker spaniel dog in front of a windmill at Kinderdijk in The Netherlands. A cat sitting on a window sill in Paris.
Coworking & Coliving on David Masefield and Joy Taylor holding up an instagram frame celebrating Canvas Coworking's 6th birthday. A group of people standing together in the long green grass of the back garden of Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria. A long table of people from all around the world sharing a meal at AdventureKeys Surf & Yoga Coworking & Coliving space in Taghazout, Morocco. Beanplaces cafe coworkers at The Finch Cafe in Toowoomba, Australia.
Communities & Cultures on A young Australian girl playing a throwing game with a young ni Vanuatu boy. An elderly Goan man playing the guitar on the verandah of a home in Goa, India. An elderley Balinese man sitting in prayer position at a temple in Bali, Indonesia. A group of dancers dressed in traditional outfits from various regions, ready to perform at a community center in Budakalasz, Hungary.
Digital nomad and remote work lifestyle
Projects and Experiences - Enjoy Life Adventures. Home made chicken feeder. Weaving. Eating escargots. Sewing curtains.
Joy Taylor hiking outdoors in Australia
Joy Taylor hiking outdoors in Australia

Hi, I am Joy!

My life (and yours) is an adventure. Each day is filled with opportunities and experiences, many of which happen spontaneously and others I have dreamed about for decades and required many tasks to be added to my to-do list for them to eventuate. Capturing the moments and sharing them here, will help me to remember and hopefully, inspire you to take the action required to create your own adventure!

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